Conservative Vein Therapy

Medical Grade Compression Stockings

Conservative vein therapy refers to a non-invasive, non-procedural approach to reduce the signs and symptoms of an underlying vein condition, usually varicose veins. The conservative vein therapy approach adopted by Hogue Vein Institute involves lifestyle modifications, over-the-counter medications, and the use of medical grade compression stockings to be worn on the legs. Usually the compression stockings need only be worn while showering, while sitting or in an upright position, and while at work. In general, compression stockings do not need to be worn while lying down or while in bed resting or sleeping.

Vein Therapy You Can Do at Home

Patients with symptomatic varicose veins can implement the following self-directed therapies in an attempt to stabilize, control, and reduce their leg vein symptoms.


  • Wear medical grade compression stockings on a daily basis
  • Avoidance of high heels
  • Avoidance of crossing the legs
  • Avoidance of hot baths or hot tubs
  • Daily walking and exercising
  • Leg elevation if the lower legs become swollen or edematous
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to relieve discomfort

Historically, both vein specialists and insurance companies have recommended a trial period of at least 3-months of conservative vein therapy before proceeding with therapeutic vein treatments. While conservative vein therapy is beneficial in reducing the symptoms and slowing the progression of a chronic vein condition, it will neither prevent nor eliminate the underlying vein condition. Since insurers do not provide coverage for an asymptomatic vein condition, the benefit of conservative vein therapy may be the discovery or renewed awareness of symptoms attributable to the underlying vein condition that manifests during the conservative vein therapy trial period. Varicose veins represent a chronic venous condition. Conservative vein therapy has demonstrated long-term benefits in the treatment of chronic venous conditions.

Get Your Medical Grade Compression Stockings

If diagnosed with varicose veins or a medical vein condition, you will be prescribed medical grade compression stockings. Contact Hogue Vein today to make an appointment for a FREE vein screening or a comprehensive vein evaluation (submitted to insurance).