Nurse Lori’s Personal Vein Story

In 2005, a year after we started Hogue Vein Institute, I began to experience intermittent pain and swelling in my legs. I was aware of my family history in that my mother and father each had visible bulging leg veins. I didn’t expect that I, too, would inherit their vein condition known as varicose veins. I never did have any visible or bulging leg veins. My legs just hurt. After three pregnancies, the symptoms worsened.

Fortunately, my husband Dr. Hogue was able to scan my legs with an ultrasound system to determine that my leg veins were enlarged and not functioning properly. Apparently the vein valves in my saphenous veins that regulated the direction of blood flow from my feet to my heart were now allowing blood to flow in the opposite direction. Blood actually began to accumulate and pool within my leg veins causing them to stretch and dilate, which caused them to ache and burn.

Medical grade compression stockings improved my leg vein symptoms when I wore them. It wasn’t until I had an endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) procedure at Hogue Vein to heat shrink and collapse my dysfunctional saphenous veins that I got to experience for the first time what normal legs felt like. I may have been suffering from my varicose veins for decades.

I’m a registered nurse and I work at Hogue Vein Institute. My experience has provided me with empathy for my patients and an understanding of the importance of restoring vein health!

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